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Storage containers are ground level steel shipping containers originally developed for marine use. They are manufactured to a very high specification and are constructed of high tensile steel which makes them very strong, secure, and capable of surviving in extreme conditions.

Sometimes you just need a little extra office space to accommodate your items and staff. We offer mobile office trailers with a variety of fabrications and features for your selection. To discuss our mobile offices, contact us and we’ll outline the options and pricing you may select.

No. Whether you are renting from us or owned by you: storage containers, storage trailers or office trailers- Mobile On Demand Storage of New York Inc. will transport them to your desired destination as a part of our services. Ground level Storage containers may only be moved empty.

Storage trailers are for locations where the trailer will not be moved from where it is delivered. Road trailers are ideal for customers who will need to move their trailer to different locations. We can arrange to transport your trailer to another location or store them at our site for an additional fee.

Empty tare weights are:
20 ft. = about 5,000 lbs.
40 ft. = about 9,000 lbs.

Yes, Mobile On Demand has been a relied upon provider of storage containers for rent for more than 30 years. We offer a variety of storage containers for rent that are available in a wide range of sizes. 

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Storage containers are highly secure and virtually vandal proof.  If you need secure storage, our storage containers are the depended upon solution. As standard with our secure storage, there is a place for padlocks on door handles. In the event your storage container requires extra security, we can fit the container with a steel lock box. Our secure storage lock boxes are designed to accept a high security container padlock and protect that padlock from being tampered with.

Within reason, we can get a storage container almost anywhere. We use flatbed trucks to transport our storage containers. Typically the containers are offloaded by sliding off the back of the tilted flatbed as the truck is pulling forward. Our drivers require a path of 50 running feet for 20' and 100 running feet for 40' from where the truck will be positioned to drop the container as well as at least 13 ft of vertical clearance.

Storage containers are non-permanent, so for most of Long Island, it is not a problem. There are certain areas where you may be required to purchase a permit. Check with your local city office to see if you need a permit.

Storage containers should be placed on level ground otherwise you may find it difficult to open and shut the doors. Our drivers can help with positioning; however it is your responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the storage container sit level. We can level the container using our own materials if you notify us in advance.

Yes. The price will be subject to the condition of container at the time and transport costs will be added to collect the storage containers.

Yes. Containers can be inspected and selected prior to purchase. Just let us know you’ll be stopping by.

You can pay for a storage container by a variety of methods including, company check, credit or debit card. When renting a storage container, the first payment required is the first month’s rent, delivery, and pick-up charges. These must be received prior or at the time of rental before the container is released. Afterward, a monthly payment plan is set up.

When people are in need of moving supplies, our storage containers or storage trailers can be essential. Many people who are looking for moving supplies are really looking for a means to move their belongings. Mobile On Demand Storage of NY, Inc. satisfies the needs of people looking for moving supplies by providing the extra, portable storage that's needed.

While we offer storage container delivery, we also provide storage trailers. Storage trailers can be the perfect match for someone who is looking for moving supplies, as our storage trailers are designed to move a lot from point A to point B. 

Yes, our extra storage solutions are sure to provide the storage space you're looking for. 

In addition to custom fabricated storage units, Mobile On Demand provides storage containers of various sizes. While our storage units and storage containers are ideal for extra storage, we also offer storage trailers for portable extra storage. Our knock down shanties are also ideal for temporary extra storage. 

Mobile On Demand's extra storage solutions are suitable for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you need extra storage for your construction project site, extra storage for equipment and inventory, or extra storage for your personal property, Mobile On Demand makes it convenient and affordable.

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Yes, Mobile On Demand is the trusted source for storage space near New York City (NYC) and Long Island, NY. Whether you need storage space for personal use, or storage space for commercial or business applications, Mobile On Demand delivers the solutions you need. 

Mobile On Demand can provide storage space for a variety of uses, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • On site storage space for construction projects
  • Inventory or equipment storage space
  • Furniture store storage space
  • Manufacturing storage space
  • Auto shop storage space
  • Moving storage space
  • Storage space for homeowners
  • Storage space for personal property

Secure self storage is a means to keep property, equipment, tools, inventory and more in a safe space. 

Mobile On Demand offers a variety of solutions that can be used for secure self storage. Our secure self storage solutions include:

Mobile On Demand's secure self storage includes durable safety features to protect your property. Our secure self storage is made to protect your property from potential criminals, wildlife, weather damage and more. All of our secure self storage options come with locking mechanisms, keeping outsiders out while providing secure, convenient access for authorized persons.

Yes, Mobile On Demand offers a large variety of storage rental options to choose from, empowering our customers to select the best storage rental for their specific needs. 

While our storage solutions are available for sale, all of our storage solutions are also available as a storage rental. 

Our storage rental products include, but are not necessarily limited to:

If you need a storage rental near New York City (NYC) or Long Island, NY...

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Yes. If you're looking for small storage units, Mobile On Demand offers a variety of options to satisfy your individual needs. When you need a little extra storage, but don't want to pay for more space than you'll use, our small storage units are perfect.

If you're looking for small storage units, consider our custom fabricated units. These custom fabricated units are a great option for small storage units, as they can be custom for your needs. 

Another affordable option for small storage units from Mobile On Demand includes knock down shanties. Knock down shanties are the perfect fit for your needs, and are available for rent or sale.

Learn more about knock down shanties here.

Yes. Mobile On Demand offers a selection of outdoor storage units and outdoor storage solutions. Our outdoor storage is available for both businesses and individuals alike. Whether you need outdoor storage for inventory, personal property or anything else where you need extra storage, Mobile On Demand provides what you need.

Our outdoor storage solutions include:

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