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Providing Storage Containers for Long Island, New York City and the 5 Boroughs.

Our large storage containers for sale are your answer to on-site storage. If you have some overflow or need extra space for materials, you need a large storage container that can fit your demands. You can choose from a variety of sizes of new and used storage containers for sale to meet your storage needs.

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Short and long term storage with Storage Containers.

Whether you need moving storage containers for a month or a year, we offer the storage you need. Mobile On Demand provides both storage containers for rent and storage containers for sale. We offer short and long term leases on our metal storage containers for rent, or you can get a storage container for sale if you need something permanent. 

If you're looking for a container rental, look no further. Mobile On Demand offers metal storage containers for lease near New York City (NYC) and nearby regions. We offer an affordable container rental at the size and specs you need. 

Features of our metal storage containers near NYC:

  • High tensile anti-corrosion Corten steel construction
  • Double doors with locking bars and catches
  • ISO standard marine ply floors
  • Weather resistant
  • Ground level for easy access
  • Easily relocated
  • Available in 10, 20, 30, or 40 ft.

Common Applications for Storage Containers near NYC

For more than 30 years, Mobile On Demand has been a depended upon provider for NYC moving storage containers. Our reliable service and durable, secure, moving storage containers for rent and storage containers for sale have made us the go-to when people need extra storage near New York City. Whether for professional or personal purposes, get your moving storage containers from the pros you can trust.

While our storage containers can be used for a nearly infinite number of applications, common uses of our storage containers include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction and contractor site storage containers for on site storage and a secure place to keep tools and equipment
  • Retail business storage containers for keeping inventory on site and secure.
  • Movie production set storage containers for securely storing production equipment, props and private offices. We also offer custom office trailers for portable changing rooms and on set living.
  • Manufacturing storage containers for secure storage of large equipment, machines and tools in a corrosion-resistant environment.
  • Auto Shop storage containers for extra space for parts, tools and inventory.
  • Furniture Store storage containers for secure, weather protecting storage of furniture of various sizes.
  • Real Estate storage containers for apartment complexes and other property management organizations to securely store grounds maintenance equipment.
  • Restaurant storage containers for cleaning or cooking equipment, staff uniforms, eating or drinking utensils, certain foods or beverages or security sensitive equipment.
  • Grocery store storage containers for garbage disposal equipment, cooking materials, team uniforms and more.
  • Storage Containers for Homeowners for added storage of any of your belongings, such as lawn care equipment, extra clothes or other personal property. 
  • Moving storage containers to store your belongings when relocating. We also provide storage container moving services.
  • and storage containers for anything that demands extra storage!

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Large Storage Containers near NYC in the Size You Need

We offer large storage containers for rent as well as storage containers for sale in a variety of sizes, so you can have the extra space you need without the extra clutter. These metal storage containers are durable and built to last, providing secure, weather resistant storage. The metal storage containers you get from Mobile On Demand are made to make it easy for people with authorized access to open and close while at the same time protecting from thieves or other unwanted intruders. 

When you buy one of our large storage containers or get a container rental, you'll also have your stored goods protected from the elements. Our metal storage containers are made to be weather resistant, saving what's stored from being damaged by weatherization.

Read more about the available sizes for our large storage containers for rent below.

10 Feet Storage Containers
Payload: 30,000 lbs.
Tare weight: 3,500 lbs.
Cubic Capacity: 582 cu.ft.
Exterior Dimensions: L:10' W:8' H:8' 6"
Interior Dimensions: L:9' 5" W:7' 8-1/8" H:7' 9-5/8"

20 Feet Storage Containers
Payload: 48,600 lbs.
Tare weight: 5,015 lbs.
Cubic Capacity: 1,164 cu.ft.
Exterior Dimensions: L:20' W:8' H:8' 6"
Interior Dimensions: L:19' 5" W:7' 8-1/8" H:7' 9"

30 Feet Storage Containers
Payload: 67,200 lbs.
Tare weight: 7,500 lbs.
Cubic Capacity: 1,920 cu.ft.
Exterior Dimensions: L:30' W:8' H:8' 6"
Interior Dimensions: L:29' 5" W:7' 8-1/8" H:7' 9-5/8"

40 Feet Storage Containers
Payload: 80,350 lbs.
Tare weight: 8,377 lbs.
Cubic Capacity: 2,376 cu.ft.
Exterior Dimensions: L:40' W:8' H:8' 6"
Interior Dimensions: L:39' 3/8" W:7' 8-1/8" H:7' 9-5/8"

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We Also Offer Small Storage Containers

small storage containers near new york city nyc from mobile on demand

Sometimes, you just need small storage containers -- just enough space for what you need to store, without the size and weight of large storage containers. 

Mobile On Demand is a depended upon provider for small storage containers, as well as large storage containers. When you need enough space to store your stuff -- whether that's inventory, equipment or personal belongings -- Mobile On Demand provides the right space for the job.

Mobile On Demand has small storage containers that are the right fit for you. We also offer storage container moving services, so you don't have to worry about how you'll get your small storage container where you need it to be. 

Mobile On Demand offers small storage containers in a wide range of sizes. Our small storage containers are also affordable. Whether you need to rent small storage containers, or you're looking for small storage containers for sale, get it from Mobile On Demand.

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Rely on Mobile On Demand for Outdoor Storage Containers

outdoor storage containers near new york city nyc from mobile on demand

When you need outdoor storage containers near New York City (NYC), Mobile On Demand is your trusted source.

Mobile On Demand's outdoor storage containers are built with a weather resistant design, protecting your property from the elements. Our outdoor storage containers combine convenience and security. Outdoor storage containers allow for quick and easy access for authorized individuals, while featuring lockable doors to keep intruders out. 

Whether you need outdoor storage containers for personal belongings that you can't fit in your apartment or home, or you need outdoor storage containers at your construction site or business, Mobile On Demand provides what you need. 

Mobile On Demand's outdoor storage containers are available for rent or sale. To request a quote...

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Already Have Storage Containers? We Can Move It For You

In addition to providing dependable, secure storage containers for rent near NYC, Mobile On Demand is the relied upon experts for moving storage containers from one location to another.

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