20 Feet Containers for Sale Near New York City (NYC)

20 Foot Containers for Sale Near New York by Mobile On Demand

Not all storage containers for sale are created equal. You need the right storage container for your specific needs. Knowing this, Mobile on Demand Storage of NY, Inc. provides 20 foot storage containers for sale near New York City (NYC) and Long Island. Mobile On Demand also provides other storage containers for sale or rent of varied sizes, including 10 feet containers, 30 feet containers, 40 feet containers and custom fabricated units.

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The Right Storage Container Size for The Job

Looking for a 20 feet container? Mobile On Demand's 20 feet containers feature the following dimensions:

  • 48,600 pound payload
  • 5,015 pound tare weight
  • 1,164 cubic feet capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions as follows: 20' long, 8' wide, 8' 6" tall
  • Interior Dimensions as follows: 19' 5" long, 7' 8 and 1/8th" wide, 7' 9 and 5/8th" tall

Not sure if a 20 feet container is right for your needs? If you're not sure of the exact size you need, our storage containers are still the right fit for you. We offer storage containers for sale or rent of various sizes. We also offer custom fabricated storage units to get it exactly how you need it.

When you get your storage containers from Mobile On Demand, whether a 20 feet container or other size, you don't have to be concerned about the logistics of getting your storage container where you need it. Our professional team provides storage container moving and delivery services, ensuring ideal placement.

We're The Trusted Provider For 20 Feet Containers for Sale

20 feet containers and storage containers for sale or rental from mobile on demand near nyc and long island

For more than 30 years, Mobile On Demand has been the go-to source when looking for 20 foot storage containers for sale. Our decades of knowledgeable, dependable service and durable products make Mobile On Demand the best choice for your 20 feet container.

Our 20 feet containers go by many names. Some people refer to them as a 20 feet container, 20 ft container, 20ft container or simply 20 container. Whatever you call it, we have the storage containers you're looking for in the size you need. 

A Weather Resistant, Secure 20 Feet Container

In addition, Mobile On Demand's 20 foot storage containers for sale are built to last and withstand the elements. When you get a 20 feet container from Mobile On Demand, you get a weather resistant, secure place to store inventory, belongings, equipment and whatever else you need to place in an added space.

Beyond being able to keep things protected from the elements, Mobile On Demand's 20 foot storage containers for sale and rent also keep your belongings safe from potential criminals or wildlife that could otherwise cause costly damages. When you get a 20 feet container from Mobile On Demand, you get a storage solution that closes securely, allowing for convenient authorized access while keeping unwanted intruders out. 

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A 20 Foot Container That's Made For A Variety of Uses

Our 20 foot storage containers for sale and rental are commonly used for:

  • on site storage at construction projects
  • extra space for business inventory and materials
  • storage for equipment and tools
  • a secure place for movie production equipment
  • furniture stores
  • property maintenance equipment and materials
  • restaurant cooking equipment, staff uniforms and certain foods and beverages
  • storage space for homeowners who need more room for their belongings

While the above is just a brief list of some common ways that people use a 20 feet container, our storage containers for sale can be used for almost any purpose that requires extra space. Our customer base for a 20ft container ranges from residential property owners, businesses of all sizes, film production crews, contractors and beyond.

Our 20 foot storage containers are also sometimes referred to as shipping containers. If you're looking for a 20 foot shipping container, look no further. Whether you need a 20 foot shipping container for sale, or you're looking for a rental, get what you need from Mobile On Demand.

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Need a Short Term Solution? We Also Offer 20 feet Containers for Rent 

While Mobile On Demand offers 20ft storage containers for sale, many of our customers prefer to rent a storage container. Whether you need extra storage for a project, moving or other temporary uses, Mobile On Demand can deliver what you need. 

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