40 Foot Containers for Sale near New York City (NYC)

40 foot containers and storage containers for sale from mobile on demand storage near new york city nyc

Whether you need extra space for your construction site, business or home, Mobile On Demand Storage of NY, Inc. has the storage containers for sale that you're looking for. We get that you have specific storage needs, and you'll need the right size for your storage container. If you're looking for a 40 foot container, look no further. Whether you know it as a 40ft container, a 40 ft storage container or whatever else you may call it, we have what you need. In addition to storage containers for sale of various sizes, Mobile On Demand is a depended upon provider for your 40 foot container.

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When It Needs to Be a 40 Foot Container, Get It From Us

When you're trying to keep something secure in storage, there's nothing more frustrating than finding out you don't have enough space. When you work with Mobile On Demand, we make sure that doesn't happen by listening to your individual needs, and delivering a storage container that fulfills your requirements. This includes a 40 ft container. 

Mobile On Demand's 40 foot storage containers for sale feature the following dimensions:

  • 80,350 pound payload
  • 8,377 pound tare weight
  • 2,376 cubic feet capacity
  • Exterior dimensions of 40 foot container length, 8 foot width and a height of 8 feet-6 inches
  • Interior dimensions of 39' and 3/8ths" in length, 7' and 8 and 1-8th" in width and 7 feet and 9 and 5/8ths" height

Not sure if a 40 ft container for sale or rent is right for what you're trying to do? Mobile On Demand also provides storage containers for sale of various sizes. We also offer custom fabricated storage units to meet your unique needs.

40 foot container and storage containers for sale of various sizes from mobile on demand near new york city nyc

When you need a 40 foot container, rely on Mobile On Demand. Our 40 foot storage containers for sale are also often referred to as any of the following:

  • 40ft shipping container
  • 40 shipping container
  • 40 container
  • 40ft container
  • 40 feet storage container
  • 40 ft container

We Get Your 40 Foot Container to You

Knowing which storage container you want is one thing, but how will you get the 40 foot container to your location? When you work with Mobile On Demand, that's one less thing to worry about, as we provide storage container moving services.

Our team of professionals delivers your 40 foot container to the place you need it. Our experienced crew can also assist in placing your 40 ft container on a spot that makes the most sense for what you need.

Decades of Dependable Service

For 30+ years, Mobile On Demand has been relied upon by individuals and organizations for 40 foot container rentals and sales. With decades of specialized knowledge, service you can count on and long lasting 40ft containers, Mobile On Demand is the clear choice for when you need a 40 foot storage container near New York City (NYC) or Long Island.

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Durable, Secure 40ft Storage Containers

When you get a 40 feet storage container from Mobile On Demand, you're able to secure equipment, tools, inventory, belongings and more in a way that's safe and made to hold up to the elements. Our 40ft storage containers are:

  • weather resistant
  • secure and lockable
  • versatile to allow you to store what you need

Our 40ft storage containers keep your property, inventory or other belongings safe and secure from potential criminals or animals that could cause expensive damages. When you use our 40 ft storage containers, you can conveniently keep unauthorized people out while allowing access for authorized employees or family members.

Common Uses for A 40 Foot Container

While a 40 foot container can be used for a seemingly endless number of possibilities that require extra space, common uses for our 40 feet storage containers for sale and rent include, but are not limited to:

  • 40 foot container and storage containers for sale in use from mobile on demand storage of new york city nycconstruction site storage
  • storage of business inventory
  • a space for equipment and tools
  • safe keeping of movie production equipment
  • furniture stores
  • property maintenance tools
  • restaurant equipment, staff uniforms and some food or drinks
  • added space for homeowners

The above is not a comprehensive list of uses for a 40 ft container. This is just a short list of some of the common applications for a 40ft container. There are many other uses for a 40ft container, with the possibilities far too extensive to provide a complete list here. However, if your storage needs require a 40 foot container, you can buy or rent with confidence knowing that a 40 ft storage container from Mobile On Demand offers the space you need. 

Not sure if a 40ft container is the right size for your needs? In addition to a 40 ft container, Mobile On Demand offers storage containers of varied sizes, including, but not necessarily limited to: 10 foot storage containers, 20 foot storage containers and 30ft storage containers

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Whether you're searching for a 40 foot container, a 40ft shipping container, a 40 ft container, or any other name for a storage container for sale or rent, Mobile On Demand has what you're looking for.

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